The best digital marketing course in Kolkatais here. We offer a wide variety of techniques, tools and different methods to catch up with the best skills in you related to marketing. Digital Marketing in the 21st century has picked up the pace that marketers have been looking in it for years. Today, the individual with the knowledge of digital marketing is ruling the world with the techniques we teach them. The best of the ROIs will be provided by our institute and are always kept up to date with the industry. No wonder why we call our institute serving the best digital marketing course in Kolkata.

Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

Beginning from business promotion to after-sale marketing, every other thing today requires the knowledge of digital marketing. Having the degree of digital marketing doesn’t only open a whole new journey for you but also brings in a lot of opportunities in your life. Search Engine Optimization might be the core of marketing in the digital world but it is no more the only thing that we need to deal with when coming up with digital marketing ideas. With the development of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp, the world of digital marketing has completely changed for every other marketer in the game.

Cutting through the chase, below are some of the benefits that you receive while you pursue Marketing as your field.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  1. Job Opportunities – Marketing has currently picked up a great pace and is going way up higher than Finance or any other field one can choose. With the great pace, comes in greater job opportunities that the right candidate must seek for. There is no way one should miss the chance to hop on to the available field. Apart from it, if one is unable to find the perfect job in the field, one can always pick up his own ideas and put them into work and get the best out of it.
  2. New Ideas – Usually ideas in other fields are not so appreciated but when you choose marketing as your field, new ideas are the only way to get to the top. With every new idea, you attract new and branded customers which boost your business to a whole new different level.
  3. Positive Attitude – Marketing is such a show which kills you if you aren’t keeping your hopes high. In marketing, you always got to achieve a particular number and keep on satisfying your clients.
  4. Low Cost – It might be shocking for the newbies but digital marketing today is the cheapest form of marketing that can any company avail. According to last year’s report of Forbes India, 83% of the researchers search for their product online and try to get the best deal out of it. With the help of a proper marketing strategy, per person engagement can be derived at a low cost of Rs 10/- per individual.
  5. Measurable – The worst part of an entrepreneur is to not know where his money is being invested. When one chooses digital marketing as his first strategy, proper measurement is something that comes along with the game. An in-out idea with proper figures will be provided with measurement tools to you in no time.

Well, one can say whatever he wants to but the advantages of having digital marketing ideas will always overcome the disadvantages. The pros don’t end here because our package makes it even better. Both cheap and up to date digital marketing course in Kolkata to be nowhere found is what we got for you.

Digital Marketing brings in a lot for a business than just some random marketing strategies. Some of the points why digital marketing makes your business better are listed below.

How Digital Marketing Helps an Entrepreneur?

Digital Marketing sets the bar high when we compare it with offline marketing. It is way ahead than offline marketing. Suppose, one gets the ad in some newspaper, he won’t even know how much revenue is that particular ad is generating. To be true, it is worse when an entrepreneur doesn’t know where his money is being invested. Whereas with digital marketing, one can easily track the traffic or customer a particular ad is generating.

Website Traffic

With the digital analytics software, one can easily know the number of individuals visiting the site. Apart from it, they can even look from where are they, what device they are using, how many pages have they been to and even the time they have spent on your site. Well, with the help of all these, one can easily target the right amount of audience they want to. Suppose, the maximum number of visitors that you receive is from a computer device, therefore now you need to optimize your page such that mobile users find it convenient too to visit your site. This kind of intelligence just makes the work easier for the entrepreneur.

Whereas, Offline marketing such as salesmen can’t keep a track of the preference and needs of all the people they visit. Apart from it, you don’t know what image the salesman makes on the customer which may hamper your brand image. With digital marketing, things remain under the control of the owner and things get done at a cheaper rate.

Lead Generation and Content Performance

Entrepreneurs usually miss out on the fact that creating and sending your brochures to everyone is not everything, the impact it makes on their mind set is the main agenda to know. Suppose, you make a content brochure and send it to the letterbox and every other possible person you can convert into a customer. Well, that’s it! You don’t know when they are going to turn up and actually buy the product or is the brochure actually helping you convert some customers.

With the help of online marketing, all these problems are gone and none have to be faced again. You can add up a form with which you can get the feedbacks immediately and get to know how the brochure is. Apart from it, the individuals can buy your product immediately from your e-commerce making the impact of the product right at the place necessary. Which clearly shows none of it is going into waste.

Attribution Modelling

Attribution Modelling in easy word is the perfect combination of digital marketing strategies and performance evaluation models in order to connect sales with marketing. This will help you get the exact idea of what type of customer you need to focus.

According to the top researchers, connecting the dots between sales and marketing has always helped entrepreneurs to come up with better results. Approximately 20% annual growth rate can be detected with the good alignment between marketing and sales.

What kind of content do one should take up?

Every other person learning digital marketing face the problem of picking up the category of content which brings out the best in him/her. Well, this is what we are here for. Our institute focus on to bringing the best digital marketing course in Kolkata for you with the right idea to fit you in the frame such that you don’t have to face this kind of problem in future. There are a variety of content that one can pick from and once you are done with the course, you will right enough to pick up the content category for your own self.

For an entrepreneur, the content can be divided into stages like the one below.

  1. Awareness Stage

In this stage, the person has to focus on to gathering people and changing up the mind set with proper information and ideas. Blog posts, infographics and short videos does the perfect job and create a new market for you. This market can be utilise to grow further and in deeper in the minds of the customer on the later stage.

  • Stage of Consideration

Since you are done with creating blog post and getting a market for yourself, it is time to focus on to sell them something. Well, going out in the market and getting hard copies of your product might be a troublesome thing and costly too. Therefore, in order to test the market perfectly, we pickup ebooks, webinars and research reports which sounds suitable for a proper testing.

  • Decision – Making stage

This phase is where the customer trusts you with your product and is not reluctant to buy your product. Well, apart from stage 2 testing, it is necessary to maintain the faith and trust of your brand. In order to get along with that, one must come up with certain case studies and testimonials to keep things tight and in the right place.

How long does it take to see results?

Digital Marketing always shows better result than offline marketing. However, the exact time that a strategy may take can’t be estimated. It totally depends on the marketing strategy and the amount and quality of time invested in it.

If you go with organic traffic and you are not good with seo optimization than it might happen that you never turn up getting good traffic on your post. However, if you go with paid advertising then you might get customers.

Getting result is totally dependent on your knowledge and the marketing strategy you pick up.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing forms a crucial part of digital marketing in India. With the evolution of the telecommunication industry, the use of mobile handset has raised to a whole new different level. Every other youngster or businessman start their work with their mobile itself. Even when someone has to go for online shopping, mobile is the fastest and most convenient gadget that anyone is willing to use.

Approximately 60% of the searches over google are from mobile device and therefore it is important for a marketer to conquer the mobile marketing field too. Many marketers try to do so but they miss out on the fact that google periodically changes it algorithm to make the experience best for the users. However, this change in algorithm causes a great issue for the marketers since all aren’t aware of it and they just end up cursing their destiny for it.

At our institution, we focus to make things better and easier for you. Keeping our student updated with the new technologies and algorithm which will affect their marketing strategy is just one of our motto.

If a desktop site is not properly optimised for a mobile device then things can go haywire and might create wrong impression on the traffic already generated.

Therefore, this is your time to join our digital marketing course in Kolkata and take up the best of the opportunities available in the market. To know more, visit our homepage and make things easier for you.