Digital Marketing Training Course in Kolkata

The rise of internet and smart phones have made it inevitable for any business to exist without Digital Marketing. A business without an online presence has far less chances of surviving than the one which has a strong presence on the World Wide Web. That has prompted almost every business to turn online and has ended up giving rise to a new career path for the many budding minds hoping to make a livelihood for themselves through marketing. As opportunistic as it is, Digital Marketing, despite all the modern-day techniques, remains a field difficult to master. Many promise to deliver the best of Digital Marketing for your business but only a handful of them actually know how to do it. Many Digital Marketing companies become stranded after a short time as they fail to pick up the minute details needed to make the most of every modern Digital Marketing technique. When one kick starts their career in Digital Marketing, no matter how high their aspirations lie, they can’t understand the details needed to be a success or at least be a real expert of Digital Marketing. These details are only explored with experience. With the short time Digital Marketing now has to offer the newbies, waiting to get experience for exploring stuff is not an option. Are the doors closed then for any more new entrants into the world of Digital Marketing? No! There are people who have seen it all and offer you details of their experiences to make your journey into the world of Digital Marketing a rather smooth one.

With experts honing the art of Digital Marketing through their years of experience, stands proudly as the best Digital Marketing Training Course in Kolkata. Our experts belong to almost every stream of businesses and have mastered every single technique involved in the wide world of Digital Marketing. Our tailor-made training schedule and syllabus have made us the forerunners by a mile in the training domain of Digital Marketing. Our training course aims to help you understand the negatives that can bring your journey in the Digital Marketing world to a standstill and give you the breakthroughs that can help neutralise those negatives and move ahead without any fuss. With the pricing structured precisely to match the word affordable, our training course ensures your knowledge expands from the basics like Emailing protocols to the complex and crucial elements like Google Analytics. Add to that the fact that we understand every individual’s need and train them accordingly. This ensures that every individual who walks out from holds his head high and masters every single chapter they’ve been trained on. We don’t speak of those 100% guarantee jokes, we talk about giving you the right guidance that can serve you well on your path to success in the world of Digital Marketing. offers you the Best Digital Marketing Training Course in Kolkata, that for sure, is a must if you’re to start strongly in your marketing career.

What Is Digital Marketing?

A marketing approach that implies the usage of digital platforms for promoting any services, products, or businesses. While many believe digital marketing is solely based on the internet, it involves a lot more than just running online campaigns. Of course, online campaigns are the primary aspects of digital marketing, but there are other digital platforms too that define the term. Digital marketing requires making the most of the available digital platforms to reach the desired audience and create the right impact by creating the right digital marketing campaign after understanding the target audience’s interests and other necessary factors. Digital marketing is the change that business needs in the technology-driven modern-day world.

India stands as the second largest country when it comes to the number of internet users with over 500 million internet users, around 13 per cent of the total internet users around the world. Those numbers highlight the fact how necessary digital marketing is for any business to sustain in India. More and more companies are now opting out of the conventional marketing approaches and are welcoming the more effective and more efficient digital marketing. There are many digital marketing professionals already established across India, but the number needed to suffice the demand is approximated to be around 150,000. is just the right platform you need to become one of those 150,000 professionals in India.

Courses Offered At

We, at, offer you the best of certified training for multiple courses that will help you become a complete Digital Marketing professional. We have detailed out a few of them below to help you understand what each one of them means and what impact they have for digital marketing of any business.

Google Analytics

Any marketing campaign requires the right analysis that can help identify new ways of improvement. Google Analytics is arguably the best and most trusted set of digital marketing analysis tool trusted by professionals all over the globe. In India though, it is considered to be a difficult tool to master owing to its complex mechanism. Google Analytics provides you with all the necessary details you’ll need to understand your target audience and shape your digital marketing campaign the perfect way. Google Analytics involves understanding visitor’s ROI by mapping each webpage with the right tracking code. What are these tracking codes and what makes a tracking code the right one for any digital marketing campaign is what our training course explains in detail.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many aspirants of digital marketing mistake SEO to be a technique that can be used to manipulate any search engine. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is actually the technique used to improve any ad and make it more in-line with any search engine policies. Keywords, as is more widely known, are the primary pillars of SEO. Understanding the right usage of keywords is the key to master SEO. Our training courses explain the most minute details of SEO including the right keyword research tools and process, methods of identifying and analysing the competition, maintaining the right standards, reports management, and recovery processes.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), in simple terms, can be called a paid version of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is the process of promoting websites, services, or products on search engine result pages by directly paying the search engine. Technicalities involved are entirely different from SEO though and have a completely different approach for campaigning. Our training course covers working on different SEM tools including Google AdWord tools and also provides complete guidance for Google certification exams.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing and advertising are two entirely different terms. Social media platforms are, in today’s world, the easiest ways of connecting with an audience. However, connecting with the right audience on different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Quora, and Instagram. Every platform has different parameters that are to be adjusted to reach the right audience. Our training course provides an in-depth insight into the marketing approaches for all major social media platforms.

Designing Websites With WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used tool for website and blog creation and designing across the globe. There are a massive number of tools available on WordPress that help websites generate the right content keeping all the SEO and SEM parameters intact. It involves usage of basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which makes it much more effective for website developers. Though almost every major website uses WordPress, most of them do not make the most of all the features available. WordPress has almost every feature needed to make a website top all SEO and Social Media Marketing results. However, understanding them is a tough ask. Our training course simplifies and explains every single feature of WordPress to help you build the best of websites.

Online Reputation Management

ORM is necessary for almost every brand. It ensures the brand is represented well to its audiences and a healthy online conversation with them is maintained. Our training course explains exactly why ORM is needed for a brand and what precisely is the impact of ORM on any brand’s digital marketing campaign. Hands-on training on all the available ORM strategies and ORM tools is also provided to make sure each student walks out with a handful of experience to go along with the tonnes of knowledge imparted during the course of our training programme.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the most popular phrase used in the world of digital marketing. It is arguably the source of income for majority of websites and freelancers looking to earn a living for themselves. Many turn to digital marketing solely for understanding and making the most of Google AdSense. As attractive as it sounds, it is by far the most complicated aspect of digital marketing. Our training programme starts of by presenting stories of how Google AdSense have played the role of fortune tellers in the modern world before moving on to how you too can make it happen for yourself. We cover every single minute detail about Google AdSense‘s policies and help you build your campaign with the right ad strategies.

What Makes Our Training Programme The Best Digital Marketing Training Course In Kolkata?

Our Vision

We foresee a vision of developing the ideal platform for digital marketing aspirants to nurture themselves into professionals that the industry desperately needs. Just as digital marketing has become the call of the hour for businesses, aims to become the call of the hour for every individual making an effort to gift themselves a career in digital marketing. We envision to simplify the many complexities of digital marketing and provide the best learning experience to every individual who joins hands with us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the right resource for every aspirant dreaming of making it big in the Digital Marketing arena. We target to cater to the digital marketing world with just what it needs, well trained and thoroughly skilled professionals. We aim to maintain our reputation as the best digital training course in Kolkata and set a high standard for digital marketing institutes around the world. With our premium tools and training curriculum, we have set our foot on the right path for becoming the channel that imparts the right knowledge to aspirants, and the right professionals to the world of digital marketing.

Our Commitment

We have dedicated our entire planning and execution to the betterment of each individual that enrols for our best digital marketing training course in Kolkata. We are committed to develop our students throughout, be it with respect to their skills and knowledge or their personality. We strive hard to make sure we transform an individual who joins hands with us into perfect digital marketing professionals. We pay attention to the need of every student individually and plan our training programme accordingly. We understand the two-way process of learning and remain committed to deliver the right results within the right time. 

Not just that, the professionalism and experience of our faculty and the high-end tools used in our training programmes further establish our claim as being the institute with the best digital training course in Kolkata. If you too need someone to guide you through the initial stages of digital marketing or need to learn the new advancements in the field, do not waste any more time and drop us an email or missed call on the details provided at the bottom of this page. If you have any concern or questions in your mind before you join the training programme, we are available to give you detailed answers about each of them 24×7. We also offer free counseling to aspirants who have any uncertainties regarding their future after their training gets completed. Success needs the right men with the right resources. If you think you’re the right man, we ensure you of being the right resources for you in your journey to success in the world of digital marketing.